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Course overview

This is a comprehensive certificationthat will cover the mechanics of the scrum and give you a complete knowledge about scrum product owner. Moreover, you will learn the entire Scrum framework and also the product backlog management. This certification allows you two attempts at the assessment.


Benefits of the certification

 There are various benefits that you will gain on completion of the entire program and having learnt everything about the Scrum Product Owner. Following benefits are the highlights:

  •      You will have a clear understanding of the mechanics of Scrum
  •      You will learn how product owner is the best fit to scrum
  •      You will work with the Scrum stakeholders and the team
  •      Lastly, you will learn how you can increase business agility

 On successfully completing the assessment at the end of this PSPO, you will be eligible to receive a discount on the next levelof certification if you decide to apply. The next level of certification is Professional Scrum Product Owner II.



In order to get the certification, there is an assessment that you will need to clear. You will have 2 attempts in which you will have to score minimum marks to get the certification. Minimum of 85% is needed for the qualification in the certification. The second attempt does not invite any of the additional cost. So, you can go for the second try for free if you have not cleared it in the first one.
Program details
The certification will cover all the things that you should know about the Scrum and the product owner. Below are some of the modules that are covered in the program.
  •          Agile Product Management and the basics of the product
  •          Value-Driven Development to get to know about the value
  •          Scrum Principles & Empiricism are also included
  •          The entire Scrum Framework
  •          Product Backlog Management


 Lastly, you will learn about Release Management 

All of these modules are covered in details in which you will learn various chapters and all the things that are necessary for you to master the certification. Once you have attended all the chapters and you have learned.

You will get the password and the link to your assessment that you will need to complete. The more details about the assessments are given below. 


Assessment details

Link to the assessment along with the password will be sent to you. You will be required to complete the assessment within 14 days from the date of receipt of the link. Minimum of 85% of marks is required in order to be considered qualified.

 If you fail to scorea minimum of 85%, you will be given a chance to take the assessment again. The second attempt is at no extra cost. Upon successful completion of this level, you will receive a discount if you opt to move on to the next level of certification which is PSPO II. 



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