Professional Scrum MasterTM (PSM)

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Professional Scrum MasterTM (PSM)

Course Overview

Irrespective of current background, if you are involved in providing support to a software development team’s competence and looking to acquire knowledge of the Scrum framework and its application, the course is for you.

The best highlight of the course is that you get to learn through instruction and exposure through team-based exercises, and grasp the ability to think right in the context of the Scrum principles and at the same time understand what to do when returning to the workplace.

It is a course where a learner can get knowledge about tools and develop an understanding to use Scrum in every teamwork. The course covers a broad understanding of the following things:

  • Basics of scrum
  • Practical approach besides scrum framework and mechanics
  • Learn about team dynamics, motivation, conflict of resolution and improved planning

Course Outline

It is a two-day course which puts emphasis on advanced topics including use of scrum at an enterprise level, designing, tools and techniques, and the mechanics behind a Scrum implementation. The training consists of practical cases and case scenarios which are aimed to improve the participant learning. 

The key highlight of the course is you get introduced to the Scrum mechanics, acquire right insights in overcoming the difficulty, team’s group effort as you allowed performing a task together in Sprints in developing software, so it adds into your learning in dealing with real-life problems. Such exercises help understand the fundamental principles of Scrum.

The professional scrum master (PSM) aims to create a deep understanding of core practices, and values of the scrum and its certified holder can effectively respond to complex solutions.


You will learn the following thing in this course:

  • Lean and motivate a team of scrum specialist who gives advantages to the project
  • Deep understanding of fundamental aspects, roles, and attributes of the scrum.
  • Understand the empirical foundation of the scrum
  • Get amazing experience y applying the Scrum framework to real projects
  • Enhance scrum efficacy
  • Get personal and organisational growth with professional training
  • Knowledge to resolve conflicts and problems 

Program details

  • Scrum theory and principles
  • The Scrum framework
  • Running a scrum projects
  • Working with people and teams
  • Scrum in your organisation
  • The role of scrum master

Exam pattern

The exam will be conducted in 3 levels certification. This can get achieved by securing a minimum passing score in separate exams which are held online. 

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