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Course Overview

Adoption of agile methodology has increased the need for agile experts who understand and analyse very facts of approach and can able to implement it in the benefits of organisation. The PMI-ACP is a unique credential that ensures that the candidate has required working knowledge of agile transformations in an organisation. Most importantly, an individual after obtaining this certification acquire the knowledge to exhibit skills in agile practices. Almost every big organisation pays attention to resume to any candidate with this certification. The ACP® certification from PMI® has got a high level of credibility as it necessitates a blend of agile education, knowledge on Agile practices and examination on Agile practices. So it is a very popular certification and will make your resume more marketable.

Course Outline

The project management institute-agile certified practitioner (PMI-ACP) recognises your learning of agile principles and your skill with agile technologies. It will sharpen your skills and is widely accepted by many agile communities.

This certification is a combination of following steps

  • Agile training
  • Experience working on agile projects
  • Comprehension of agile principles, tools, practices, and techniques
  • Eligibility for certification
  • To apply for PMI-ACP certification, the candidate should have the following experience-
  • General project experience
  • Agile project experience
  • Training in agile practices

Who should take this course?


This course offers value to anyone who is looking for experience and knowledge of managing agile projects and who wants to enhance understanding the working of agile application and practice. Such as project manager, project planner’s, assurance staff, developer/programmers, designer, testers, project controllers, product owners, scrum masters and scrum team members.


This course will teach you the following key concepts-

  • Knowledge of agile methodologies, principals, tools, and techniques.
  • Lessons to mitigate risks and seize competitive advantage.
  • Right knowledge of agile best practices and concepts to achieve project goals are met within time and budget framework.
  • How to be skilled at the professional tasks regarding Agile Project Management.
  • Guiding principle on filling and submitting the ACP® Application form

Program details

  • Introduction to PMI-ACP certification
  • Agile project management
  • Value bases prioritisation
  • Agile analysis and design
  • Agile estimation
  • Planning, monitoring, and adaption
  • Product quality
  • Communication
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Agile risk management
  • Process improvement
  • Knowledge and skills-part 1
  • Knowledge and skills- part 2

The validity of PMI-ACP credential

Except for CAPM credential. All those who earn a PMI certification must maintain their certification through participation in CCR (Continuing certification requirement) Program and renewal of their certification every three years.

Exam pattern

  • Computer-based exam
  • No of questions- 120 MCQ type
  • Duration- 3 hours
  • Pre-test question- 20 (which is not add in final score)

With this course, our trainers will train and make you well prepared for the examination by explaining sessions and supporting with frequent communication.

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