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ORACLE DATABASE 11G: SQL ADMINISTRATION II is the course specially developed for the  Administrator, Database Administrator, Implementer. Oracle database is used by many people out there and therefore you should learn more about the software to get the best out of the course. The Oracle database will cover all the things from the basics and will also cover some of the most advanced topics for you.


This Oracle Database 11g: Administration II training takes the database administrator beyond the basic tasks. You'll begin by gaining a deep understanding of the most important responsibilities a DBA has.

The course will cover the following things:-

•    Monitor and manage major database components

•    Manage memory, performance, and resources.

•    Learn you can Secure Database.

•    Learn Automate process if DBA tasks along with the Scheduler.

All of these topics will e covered in deep where you will learn how you can implement each of the given things and also along with this, you will get the real-time usage about the stuff stated above.


In order to be eligible for the Oracle Database 11g: SQL Administrator II, you should have Working knowledge of SQL and how to use PL/SQL packages. There are no other specific requirement for learning this particular course and therefore anyone who wants to learn about the course should take it without thinking twice,


Ultimately, becoming Oracle Certified will help you become a better technologist. You’ll become more valuable to your current and/or future potential employer. Earning this in-demand certification will expand your job prospects, promote job stability and fast forward to your career. The future market of the Oracle is without the doubt the best. It won’t fade out in the future and will give you a high amount of salary from the course. Therefore, if getting a job is your motive, you will get the highest paying job and even if you want to change the company in the future, you can do the same thing without any problems. Moreover, it is also beneficial for business.

Program details

The course covers everything that you need to know about the Oracle Database Administrator.

•    Core Concepts as well as the tools of the Oracle Database

•    Restore and Recovery Task

•    Diagnosing the Database

•    Duplicating a Database

Along with this, all the topics have several modules that you can take advantage of. In this, you will learn everything you need to know about the Oracle Database Administrator. You will further learn all the topics and modules that are needed and necessary to master all the topics.

Exam Pattern

Oracle Database 11g - SQL Administrator II (1Z0-053) certification. The Oracle 1Z0-053 certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who have some experience or exposure of Oracle Database and want to flourish their career with Oracle Database Administrator.

The exam will consist of 78 multiple choice questions with the time duration of 120 minutes. There will be no electronic equipment’s allowed or the exam is not open book. You will need to score at least 66% to pass the exam.

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