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ORACLE DATABASE 11G: SQL ADMINISTRATION I is the course specially developed for the Database Administrator, Developer and Systems Administrator. The course nowadays the must required course if you want to go anywhere in the field of SQL and learn more. Companies prefer the one who is certified and therefore, you will need the certificate if you want to get the job in your favorite company.


If you want to become an Oracle Database Administrator, this course is right for you!

Almost in every organization, you will find the Database Administrator's to maintain the organization's database. Becoming a good DBA depends on the knowledge you have in the overall architecture of Oracle Database.

The course will cover the following things:-

•    Learn Basic Architecture, Installing the DB Software as well as Creating a Database

•    Understand all the queries Database using SQL

•    Learn How you can Manage the Database



In order to be eligible for the Oracle Database 11g: SQL Administrator 1, you should have basic SQL Knowledge, should know the basic UNIX/LINUX commands. Along with this, you will be required to have a basic understanding of how the database works. This all the things are easy and you surely be knowing all of these things. Therefore, we can say anyone can take this course who wants to and they can start learning more about the concepts.


You will be eligible for all the jobs and the certifications that require a Database Administrator.As there are many of the job opportunities that require this skill. All of these jobs pay the highest amount of salary for the candidate who has cleared this exam. Also, the certification will have a huge value.

Final Goal: Get a job as an Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA). Not only the job, but your salary will also be one of the highest in the market and you can get the job anywhere in the world.

Program details

The course covers everything that you need to know about the Oracle database fundamentals.

        Basic Architecture, Installing the DB Software

        You will learn to create the database and to use it

        Configuration of the database is also included here

        Querying the Database using SQL

        Managing the Database

        Data manipulation

Along with this, all the topics have several modules that you can take advantage of. In this, you will learn everything you need to know about the Oracle database fundamentals. You will further learn all the topics and modules that are needed and necessary to master all the topics.

Exam Pattern

Oracle Database 11g - SQL Administrator I (1Z0-052) certification. This is mainly targeted to those candidates who have some experience or exposure of Oracle Database and want to flourish their career with Administrator.

The exam will consist of 70 multiple choice question with the time duration of 90 minutes. There will be no electronic equipment’s allowed or the exam is not open book.

You will need to score at least 66% to pass the exam. 

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