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Microsoft Certification Solutions Associate

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MCSA stands for Microsoft Certification Solutions Associate. Microsoft basically offers two types of certification course among which one is MCSA and the other one is MCSE. There are different types, of course, available under this particular certification. You can go with anyone according to your requirement.

Who it is for?

This is or anyone who want to advance their skill or learn more about the Microsoft products which include Azure, Dynamics 365, etc.

The other one who will have to take this certification is someone who wants to pursue the next certification from Microsoft, that is MCSE. To get the MCSE certification, you will need to have an MCSA certification first to enter.

Certification course and content

There are many of the certification available under this particular certification program. You can go with anyone that you want.

The course or the certification offered under MCSA includes

·         Bi reporting: here the student will learn about the Power BI as well as will learn to analyze the data using Excel

·         DataEngineering with Azure: The complete cloud service of Azure is given in the course content. You will learn more about it.

·         Machine Learning: here you will learn about Azure Machine learning as well as you will learn about the R server and SQL R server along with Big data.

·         Microsoft Dynamics 365: Here you will learn the basic configuration, customization as well as upgrading details of Microsoft Dynamics 365

·         Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations: It is anadvanced course for the Microsoft Dynamics where you will learn more about the operation and development tasks.

·         Office 365: Office 365 and it's business application are explained over here

·         SQL 2016 BI Development: For the people who want to learn BI development along with SQL. This one is for you.

·         SQL 2016 Database Administration: TO learn about cloud database or premises database along with SQL, you can take this particular certification.

·         SQL 2016 Database development: If you want to learn the development part of the database, this course will be perfect for you. Both Premises and cloud database are taken.

·         SQL Server 2012/2014: Developing an SQL server, as well as maintaining one, are some of the important skills you should have. The certification is on the same.

·         Universal Windows Platform: The certification is on mastering the windows app and offering a great user experience.

·         Web apps: The certification is on how you can implement modern apps.

·         Windows 10: Managing and maintaining a windows 10 enterprise system in all that is covered in this course.

·         Windows Server 2012: If you want to know, how you can reduce the cost and provide more value with Windows server 2012, this course is for you.

·         Windows Server 2016: The upgraded version of Windows Server 2012.

Exam details

All the certification are of Microsoft and the exam pattern will depend on the course you are taking. You will find more details about each and everyone of these in the course section. You can simply take a look over there to know more. 

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