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Microsoft Certifed Solutions expert

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MSCE stands for Microsoft Certifed Solutions expert. Once you have the certification for MSCA, you can further learn more about it and get the expert level certificate. This certification requires more advanced knowledge and the course for the same will cover everything that you need to know regarding the course.


You must have MSCA certification if you want to go with MSCE. This is the only thing required in order to get the certification.

Course overview

You will take this advanced level course. The basics concept you have already learned in the previous course that is MSCA. In this course, you will learn more about the same tools and software but advanced topics will be covered in this course.

The course has high value and once you have completed the course, you can work for any company who is working on the respective environment. The salary structure is high for all the certifications that are included in the program.

Program courses details

There are many courses available here in this program, Below given are some of the courses that are covered in the program.

·         Business application: In this course, you will learn the advanced topics of Microsoft dynamics 365 technology. This is for the people who want to work in one or more business areas.

·         Core infrastructures: if you want to get the knowledge about the infrastructure and the core concept such as system management, storage, virtualization, identity management, as well as networking concept, this is the best course you can take.

·         Mobility: The other course that you need to check out is Multi. Here you will learn to manage BYOD enterprise. BYOD stands for Bring-your-own-device.

·         Productivity: here you will learn how to use cloud and increase user productivity.


There are many benefits to taking this course. Below given are some of them

·         You will get the certification of the course once you complete

·         You will have in-depth knowledge about the course that you completed

·         The certification is valid worldwide. So, you can go to any place in the world for the job and you will get it.

·         The future job market of all the course given in the program is all-time green. Even after 5 years from now, the certification will holda  huge amount of value

·         You will learn some of the advanced concepts of the software or the product of the respective course

·         It will be easier for you to apply for the job that you want as most of the companies are looking for certified professionals who are able to the work and complete it in time.

·         You will learn the products of one of the most reputed companies

Exam details

The exam details depend on the course you have taken. It will be different for each one of them. You can check out the course that you are planning to go with and see the exam details over there. Also, the minimum qualification marks or grade will be given right there in the section.

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