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ITIL Intermediate PPO

ITIL intermediate Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO) is a certification crafted to train and upskill professionals and prepare them for successful roles in service management systems. In this course, the professionals gain competent understanding of ITIL Service Design Processes.

The course is developed based on ITIL Service Design Publication with prime focus reserved on practical application of PPO practices which includes capacity, IT service continuity, availability, information security, and demand management.

ITIL Intermediate PPO is not a freestanding application, rather one of the many modules under ITIL Service Capability stream.

Who can attend?

As far as the eligibility for ITIL Intermediate PPO is concerned, there is no criteria as such. The course is recommended for business managers, and business owners in IT and other fields.

·         Professionals aiming to understand the practices of ITIL including planning, protection and optimization

·         Professionals employed in companies  that have incorporated ITIL practices

·         Staff members like capacity manager, availability manager, change manager, security administrator, applications support, IT operations manager, etc.

·         Professionals seeking ITIL Expert Certificate can get this certification as prerequisite module

·         Professionals seeking ITIL Master’s certification

A few reasons to attend our Trainer-led workshop

·         8 hours of intense training sessions

·         You earn 4 credit points for ITIL Expert Level

·         The certification course comes with 2 mock papers

·         It also offers 16 PDUs

·         8 quizzes at end of chapters

·         Round the clock support and assistance

·         The course fee also includes exam fee

Program Details

On successfully completing ITIL intermediate OSA certification course, professionals are exposed to the best industry practices in ITIL service lifecycle. Listed below are few of the course features you avail:

·         In-depth understanding of service design in PPO

·         Explore the different processes involved in service lifecycle

·         Develop a strategic approach in capacity management and availability management for thriving service designs

·         Introduction to various technology and implementation considerations

·         Proficiency towards IT service continuity management to dispense supportive roles in business continuity management

·         Develop excellence in dispensing all kinds of organizational roles pertaining to Planning, Protection and Organization

Program Includes

ITIL intermediate PPO course is also inclusive of the following:

·         End-to-end assistance to prepare for ITIL PPO certification exam

·         Interactive classroom coaching sessions by expert trainers

·         Technical team support throughout the course

·         Round the clock support and assistance through mail, phone and chat

·         Lifetime access to e-learning materials curated by subject matter experts in ITIL

Exam Details

Time duration of the exam: 90 minutes

Total number of questions: 8 multiple choice questions that are scenario based

Type: Closed book, proctored exam

Question types:Multiple choice

Minimum passing score:70% i.e. 28 marks out of total 40

Note: The certification fee includes the course fee

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