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ITIL Intermediate OSA

ITIL intermediate OSA is one of the ITIL service capability work streams. This course is recommended for IT Service Management Professionals as it introduces you to the ITIL Service Life Cycle, its range of concepts and terminologies. The certification course equips you to strategically apply support system and analysis including request fulfillment, IT operations, application management, etc. In addition, professionals are taught and trained on managing events, everyday operations, incidents, technical support, challenges, and more.

ITIL Intermediate OSA is a key module under ITIL intermediate Capability Stream which in turn is essential for obtaining ITIL Expert Certification. The course content is curated based on practice guidance in ITIL Service Operation Publication.

Who can attend?

As far as the eligibility for ITIL Intermediate OSA is concerned, there is no criteria as such.

This course gives foundation level exposure to professionals aiming to attain high level ITIL qualifications.

·         IT professionals

·         Project managers

·         Students or professionals aspiring for positions in IT services management

·         Business managers

·         Professionals in digital, product or developmental areas of IT

A few reasons to attend our Trainer-led workshop

·         10 hours of intense training sessions

·         You earn 4 credit points of total 17 pointsneeded for ITIL Expert Level

·         15 PDUs

·         End to end learning of all ITIL  service lifecycle and all its terminologies

·         9 quizzes at the end of chapters

·         Round the clock support and assistance

·         The course fee also includes exam fee

Program Details

ITIL intermediate OSA certification course upskills professionals to dispense effective ITIL processes. The course has its prime focus fixed on planning, execution and optimization of OSA processes. Listed below are few of the course features we offer:

·         It trains you with effective event management skills including constant tracking and monitoring of configuration items and services to take appropriate actions whenever necessary

·         Professionals are trained to act appropriate in incident management and access management techniques to resolve unforeseen incidents in IT services. These professionals ensure normalcy of issues at the earliest, and distribute data access to authorized users

·         ITIL intermediate OSA certification course trains professionals with improved problem management abilities to prevent or minimize damage

·         Professionals are taught and trained for IT infrastructure management with the necessary technical expertise

·         The certification course intensely trains professionals with IT service management and its underlying principles to dispense authoritative execution of everyday tasks

·         IT service employees can benefit out of the course as they learn the nuances and effective methods of application management in different stages of the lifecycle: design, testing, operation, etc.

Program Includes

ITIL intermediate OSA course is also inclusive of the following:

·         Choice between self-paced learning or instructor-led sessions

·         Lifetime access to e-learning materials curated by subject matter experts in ITIL

·         Individual learners and teams get personalized dashboards

  • Round the clock support and assistance through mail, phone and chat

Exam Details

Time duration of the exam: 90 minutes

Total number of questions: 40 questions split as 8 per paper

Type: Closed book, proctored exam

Question types:Multiple choice

Minimum passing score:70% i.e. 28 marks out of total 40

Note: The certification fee includes the course fee

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