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     Continual Service Improvement Certificate is a free-standing qualification, and a part of the ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle stream. The main objective of this module is to

  • To align IT services with changing business needs by identifying and implementing improvements to IT services that support business processes
  • To Support all life cycle stages
  • To improve Service Effectiveness, Process Effectiveness & Cost Effectiveness
  • Review, analyse, prioritise and make recommendations on improvement opportunities in each lifecycle stage
  • Review and analyse service level achievement
  • Identify and implement specific activities to improve IT service quality and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the enabling processes
  • Improve cost effectiveness of delivering IT services without sacrificing customer satisfaction

Prerequisite Entry Criteria:

Candidates wishing to be trained and examined for this qualification must already hold the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (the Foundation or Foundation plus Bridge Certificate) which shall be presented as documentary evidence to gain admission.

Eligibility for Examination:

To be eligible candidates shall fulfill the following requirements:

  • At least 21 contact hours (hours of instruction, excluding breaks, with an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) or an accredited e-learning solution) for this syllabus, as part of a formal, approved training course/scheme
  • There is no minimum requirement but a basic IT literacy and around 2 years IT experience are highly desirable
  • Hold the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management or ITIL® Foundation plus the bridging certificate
  • It is recommended that students should complete at least 21 hours of personal study by reviewing the syllabus and the Service Strategy publication in preparation for the examination.


  • Introduction to Continual Service Improvement
  • Continual Service Improvement Principles
  • Continual Service Improvement Process
  • Continual Service Improvement Methods and Techniques
  • Organization for Continual Service Improvement
  • Technology for Continual Service Improvement
  • Implementing Continual Service Improvement
  • Critical Success Factors and Risks


Examination Format: Multiple choice, scenario-based, gradient scored questions.
Number of Questions: 8
Pass Score: 28/40 or 70%.
Delivery: Online or Paper Based Examination through an Accredited Training Organization.
Exam Duration: Maximum 90 minutes for all candidates in their respective language.
Open/Closed Book: Closed Book.


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