Certified Scrum Product Owner®(CSPO) Certification

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Certified Scrum Product Owner®(CSPO) Certification


Course Overview

When we talk about Scrum, then one can relate it to an agile project management technique primarily  focuses on work periods called “Sprints.” For all those who are owners of any product, it is always good to acquire the right knowledge of working correctly with your team & stakeholders. Plus product owner should also be able to identify the business benefits to understand customers & end-users' requirement and built the product backlog.

 If you are someone who is involved in any such business of projects, then probably, you are the right person to get a certified scrum product owner certification. You create the vision for the product, order the product backlog, and ensure the best possible way to satisfy the customer. Scrum product owner certification is a validation of your skill for the ongoing agile journey and makes your eligibility for product owner and performs successful projects.


Course Outline

In any scrum team, the product owner is a member who handles the responsibility of leading the project strategically with skills deals with customers and team daily and manage the business value. This course enhances your leadership quality and the probability of getting success in projects. The good aspect about the course is that it covers most of the crucial aspects of the Scrum framework, in addition to activities, team roles, and thus enabling you to turn out to be a member of a Scrum team.

The primary subject of a CSPO course consists of:

•        Procedure for drafting the right product vision

•        A right way to create, uphold, and order a Product Backlog

•        How to recognise end-user requirements

•        A summary of sizing in Scrum

•        Proper management of stakeholders


Eligibility for certification

The candidate is required to have basic knowledge of agile to attend this course. Before applying for this course, a simple preliminary test will be given to check your familiarity with all the fundamental principles of Scrum. This will show if you are ready for the challenge ahead in this course.  In order to appear for this certification, the candidate should present the2 dayCSPO certificate already earned.


Benefits of  certified scrum master certification course

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

·         Enhance your skills as a product owner

·         Learn much-required leadership skills for the agile team and motivate team members

·         Increase Scrum understanding

·         Make you more practical and efficient for planning and scheduling

·         Learn ways to overcome the challenges in meeting stakeholder & team’s expectations

·         Reduction of risk by pre-planning

·         Ensure maximum delivery


Program details

•        Scrum basics

•        Role and responsibilities

•        Product vision

•        Estimating

•        Prioritizing

•        Release management

•        sprints


Exam pattern

There is no Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) exam to earn the certification.


So, if you think that you are capable of helping your team and move ahead in your career, then it is the right time to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner.

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