Certified Scrum Master®(CSM)

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Certified Scrum Master®(CSM)

Course Overview

The scrum master is a facilitator for an agile development team who act according to agile principles. Scrum is a methodology which allows a team to self-organise and make reasonable changes in a short time.

Certified Scrum Master Certification is one of its kinds of designation generally offered to practitioners who have effectively completed a CSM® course. The responsibilities expected from any certified Scrum Master are:

        Providing adequate assistance to the team in using Scrum successfully

        Provides any additional expertise if required above that of a typical Project Manager

        Play a vital role as a ‘leader’ and guide entire team member work as one and learning the framework

        Protects the team members from any unwanted distraction no matter if it is internal or external

Course Outline

So as a scrum master you will learn, how to remove impediments and help the development team to ensure in the successful completion of the project. The certified scrum master course helps you to enhance your proficiency in processes of scrum analogy. Our workshop helps you to grow and learn advance things which shine your career like a star. The scrum master is not only a leader or project leader but instead of a most critical backbone who can all the way assist the team to complete the project in the best possible means.

Eligibility for certification

CSM Training eligibility

There is not set eligibility to attend this scrum master certification course and can be taken by any professional who wants to enhance their knowledge in the area of the scrum.

CSM certification eligibility

After you complete our 2-day CSM course provided by our certified scrum trainer, then you will be eligible for Scrum Alliance’s Online Scrum master certification test.

Benefits of  certified scrum master certification course

            Increase your understanding in Scrum framework including skills, teamwork, activities to take your project at a great height.

            Understand an advanced software development framework.

            Lead Scrum execution within your company’culture.

            Boost up the visibility watched by the recruiters or even by Scrum Network.

            Gain a good understanding of scaling small-size to large-size project

Program details

        General knowledge

        Scrum role

        Scrum meetings

        Scrum artifacts

        Scaling Scrum

Exam pattern

        Number of questions- 50MCQs

        Pass score- 74%

        Mode- Online

        Duration- 1 hour


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