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Scrum is the most important skill in Agile software development. CSD has various training and technical skill assessment that will guide you through all the things such as Scrum and the principles of the Agile. You will lastly be awarded with Certified Scrum Developer (CSD).

Course outline

The CSD course is especially for the software developers and the programmers who are working on the Scrum environment. It is also useful for all the students who want to learn some of the important tool as well as the techniques that will increase the knowledge related to the scrum. You will learn all the things that will help you to have the best knowledge for the subject and you will get a certificate on the completion.



Once you get the certification, it will be valid for 2 years. For 2 years, you will be able to get all the jobs that require this certification.

Along with this, there are several other benefits that you will get including

 Improved skills

 CSD knowledge

 Scrum and Agile development


Program details 

Course covers the basics about the Scrum, it’s role and techniques to master it.

The demonstration will be given to increase the Scrum knowledge

 You will get a chance to expand your opportunities using relevant pricesacross all the industries

Last but not the least, you can engage in communities run for the scrum experts which will enable you to stay up to date on Scrum. 

2 tracks are available to choose where the importance is given to different subjects. You can choose one track to continue and get certified. Details are given below.



You will have to do the training for at least 5 days. The formal training should be taught onlyby a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider knew as REP and a ScrumAlliance approved CSD instructor. These are the requirements. The 5 days course has various categories from choosing from. You can either go first track or the other. Different things are covered in the tracks and different importance is given.


Certification details

There arevarious courses that you can do in order to get the certification. There are basically 2 tracks that will cover all the information that you need. Both of these tracks have 5 total days which is necessary to have certification.

You can get the notification to accept the certification once you complete any one of this track from the given below.  You can choose one as per your choice.


Track 1

 CSM course that will go on for at least 2 days, you can opt for more

 CSD course that will include all the technical aspects such as coding, etc. This will last for 2 days.


Track 2

 Introduction to the CSD course that will go for a day

 CSD course with technical knowledge and coding will be of 3 days

 CSD technical course that is elective and you should do it for at least a day.










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