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CCC Cloud Technology Associate Certification - Aabiance Technology

CCC Cloud Technology Associate

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              The CCC Cloud Technology Associate certification provides the basic knowledge and skill set in cloud computing and virtualization. A certified Cloud Technology Associate will help a Cloud Technology professional to have a prominent growth in the professional carrier.

Cloud technology is having a steady grown in the modern IT industry with many applications, technology solutions, IT services, etc., are moving towards cloud computing for easy and reliable solutions in the information technology systems.

A Cloud Technology Associate professional will be familiarized in explaining the operations and its benefits with the proper understanding of cloud computing. The training and practical session will include the latest technologies and applications for handling cloud computing. Apart from tutoring the advantages and feasibility in using cloud computing, we will also explain the risk involved and the strategy to manage those risks.

Course Benefits:

  • Learning key aspects and terminology in cloud computing
  • Provides all necessary training to complete the certification.
  • Guide with baseline for the other subsequent cloud computing certifications.
  • Provides ability for the cloud technology professional to assess the benefits and risk involved.
  • Specialize in identifying cloud services features and steps to successfully adopt it.
  • Ability to analyze and implement any cloud models.

Course Prerequisites:

  • There are no formal prerequisites, but below are few basic recommendations to take this course.
  • At least 6 to 12 months of professional experience in web technology.
  • Basic understanding in Network and Database knowledge.

Examination Format:

  • 40 Multiple choice questions
  • Minimum Pass Percentage: 65%
  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • Exam Format: Closed book


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