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Among all the technology covered, Hadoop and big data are one of the most popular technologies. There is a course that will cover all the important topics and the modules that are important to get any job. The future market of the job is also bright as there are more and more jobs made.

Course overview

Big data and Hadoop is used in many industries. The course will cover all the tools such as HDFS, YARN, HBase, MapReduce, Spark Flume, Sqoop, Pig, and all the other Hadoop ecosystems such as the Ecosystem and the tools. The course will go on from the basic concept of the Hadoop and the understanding of the Hadoop, it will also cover all the architecture. It will also cover the most advanced modules including a project.

Program Benefits

There are many of the benefits you will get upon the completion of the course. Among which the first one that you will get is the lifetime access to the course and the training. Moreover, you will connect with the related community who has the same interest as you.

Along with this, you will get the certification of the Big data and Hadoop. The certification is valid for all over the world. You will be eligible for all the jobs where there are requirements for big data and Hadoop.

These are the high paying jobs where you will be highly paid for the certification. When there is recruitment and you have the certification, you will be given more importance rather than the person next to you.

Program details

The course will cover all the concept of big data and Hadoop. Along with this, the course will have a project that you are working on, the project will have a real-time application where the big data and Hadoop is used.

·         You can understand and learn big data and all the concept of the Hadoop

·         Hadoop architecture and HDFS are included

·         The framework of Hadoop MapReduce. Along with this, the course will include advanced learning of the same.

·         Apache Pig and Hive are also covered. From the basics understanding to the most advanced.

·         Advanced Apache HBase

·         Processing Distributed data with Apache Spark

·         You will start working on the Oozie and Hadoop project

The advanced topics are also covered in all of these topics. Therefore, you will know the exact real-time application of the Hadoop and the practical application of the same.

Certification details

You will be working on a project throughout the course. Depending on the project or the course assessment, you will be given the certification. The minimum attendance you will need is 83%. It means you will need to attend at least 83% course or the live sessions that are held. There are assessments that you will have to clear in order to get the certification.

Once you clear all the things, you will get the certifications that will be valid all over the world. You can fetch the dream job in the big data and Hadoop. 

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