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Big data analysis

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Big data analytics has its own popularity in all the industries. All the companiesarehavinghuge data which needs to be processed and the proper analysis is needed for the same. There are various probabilistic and the statistical methods that you should know to successfully do the data analysis. The big data industry has been growing day by day and there is various course to support the same. 

Course overview

The course will cover all the things from learning languagessuch as R and also the technologies such as Apache Spark. This will help you to analyze the big data and to give you valuable business information that you should know about the big data analytics.


Each and everything is covered in the course starting from the cloud-based analysis of the small software and the tools to the large application analysis which has a largeamount ofod data. All the methods are included in the course and you will learn them to know the problem space and to manage the big data in a proper way.



There are no specific requirements for the course. All you should have is a dedication to learn big data analytics. You can join the course and start learning whenever you want. You will get the certification when you complete the assessment.

Program benefits

You will get many benefits by completing the course of big data analytics. Following are some of the program benefits that you will get when you have successfully completed the full course/.

·         The big data analysis will cover all the cloud-based analysis.

·         There will be predictive analytics and will also include all the statistical models and probabilistic.

·         Large scale data analysis application and the other uses

·         You will get the analysis of problem space as well as all the data needs

 Creativity and initiative will increase


Program details

The program will cover everything that you will need to know about the big data analysis. This will cover the analysis and how to manage the big data. Also, you will get the practical usage of big data.

To mention the few, here are some of the topics that you will get to know once you have completed the course. These are the lessons or the topic that you will learn.

·         Developing an algorithm for analysis of statistical big data

·         You will have all the knowledge of the big data application

·         The usage of fundamental principles and techniques.


·         Theories that will cover all the large scale problems related to data science.

Assessments and the certification details


You will get a certification once you have completed the course. The certificate will be valid wherever you want to apply for the exam. The course will cover 10 weeks and at least 8 to 10 hours. Once you have completed all of these, you will have to do an assessment by which it will be determined whether or not you will get the certification. You can surely go for the next attempt.







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