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For cloud computing lovers, Azure is one of the best courses you can take. Azure is a service offered by a huge tech giant, Microsoft and offers cloud-based service. The course for which will cover everything starting from the basic overview of the serviceto how you can configure and deploy the service.

Course overview

Azure is a cloud computing service that provides service ofa subscription basis. The cloud service includes a virtual machine, file storage, data management, analytics, and all the other things that are hosted here. In the course, you will learn everything about the azure.


There are no specific requirements or any course that you will need to take before you apply for the course. Anyone who wants to learn about the service can opt for the course. You will learn each and everything from the basics.


The course difficulty is medium. It is not too hard to understand. Especially if you already have the knowledge of cloud computing and networking, it w0uld be very easy for you to complete the course. It involves virtualization. So, if you have worked with that before, you will surely love this course.


·         You can easily get the job as Azure developer

·         The certification is valid worldwide as it is provided by Microsoft

·         You will learn about virtual machines and it is the most powerful technology that will rule in the coming future.

·         More and more people are using cloud services now and therefore, learning Azure will give you an advantage here.

·         It is one of the most used cloud services that you can take advantage of.

·         You will have one of the unique and the best improvement in your CV that will help you fetch any job you want.

Course content

Azure has many of the course content that you can take a look at. Depending on which kind, of course, you take, basic or advance. You will get the course content.

Below are some of the content that is covered in the Azure course:

·         Azure data management solutions

·         Virtualization

·         Network administrator

·         Big data

·         Artificial intelligence

These are the technologies that are used Microsoft Azure, you will learn some of these and how they are used in the Azure services. The course will first of all cover the basics of the Azure that means how you can configure it and how it works. When you go ahead in the course, you will learn how to manage and deploy the cloud services using Azure. Depending on the course level, you will learn AI or working with big data along with Azure services.

Future scope

One question that everyone asks before joining any of the course is about the future market. Whether or not there is a future of such certification. Azure certification has a great value in the future as the cloud services will surely going to increase and along with that more and more companies will be using Microsoft products. So, learning it will give you a highly paid job anywhere in the world.

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