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AWS Developer Associate Training Course

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AWS Developer Associate Training Course

Course Overview

AWS developer associate training course online is helpful to students who need to operate AWS architecture skillfully. This training program on AWS increases the overall technical proficiency of trainees in content management, debugging and message deploying operating AWS toolkits. To become a professional AWS developer, students have to accelerate the technical expertise in the spheres of AWS CLI and SDK application toolkits.

This online AWS developer associate training course includes

·         Free digital training

·         Online workshops

·         Private onsite training/Demo

Course Outline

The objective of the AWS developer associate course is to optimize the ability of the students to deal with the sophisticated serverless AWS applications. They will have more proficiencies to build up new modern applications without depending on any server. Develop your ML (Machine Language) skill through this great AWS developer associate training course.


·         Improve knowledge about AWS cloud with a view to be prepared for facing AWS certified cloud practitioner exam.

·         AWS developer associate course enables trainees to write various codes and program scalable applications

·          Be familiar with AWS components like Elastic Beanstalk, S3 and Dynamo DB

·         Low risk to implement projects on AWS systems

·          Better jobs in IT sectors

·         Have efficiency to work in Cloud based environment

·         Start your own business independently as you will be a part of AWS Partner Network

·         Beginners complete AWS developer associate course to upgrade their technical knowledge in virtual private clouds, RDS database and EC2 Instance. Finally, you will be able to develop in-demand applications on AWS infrastructure

·         Intermediates are versatile in auto-scaling EC2 applications

·         Advanced trainees are also trained in architecting serverless application, distributed applications, Cloudformation

·         Be acquainted with Caching data in ElastiCache

·         Know about Edging assets in CloudFront and SNS notifications

·         Able to build up APIs with API Gateway

·         Data authentication with IAM

·         Data retrieving from S3

Course Details

·         AWS Certified Developer associate course includes fundamentals of AWS service

·         Amazon Identity Access Management

·         Elastic Compute Cloud

·         Storage Gateway

·         Simple Workflow Service

·         Simple Notification Service

·         Route 53

·         SDK application

Prerequisites of AWS Developer Certification Course

·         Having technical knowledge in  API interface

·         Basic familiarity with relational and non-relational databases

·          Have certificates in  AWS Technical Essentials course 

 Exam Pattern

Through AWS Certified developer associate level exam, test your technical knowledge and skill in AWS service. This exam is designed with multiple choices and multiple answer questionnaires. The specific time limit is 80 minutes to complete the test. AWS certified developer associate exam assess your quality in writing codes, SDK apps, IAM roles, credentials, and encryption.

Students have to earn minimum pass marks to be qualified for next rounds. Minimum pass mark is 720 out of 1000. The students get overall comprehensive scoring details. It is not necessary to pass in individual subject. Get total marks overall. In this connection, students are also permitted to appear in online mock tests before the final exam.













Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Course Online

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (Exam AZ-300) online course has been introduced to students who need to start their careers as Azure Cloud Solutions Architect.  The complete Microsoft Azure Solution Architect training course  covers important areas including Azure configuration, virtual machine operating and  control over Azure Cognitive Services solutions. It enables you to learn about the process of data storing  and designing the hybrid cloud. The whole course online is available with demos to help beginners to learn faster.  

The Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies training course includes

·         40 hours of training practice at lab under supervision of instructor/faculty

·         24x7 technical support

·         Good mentoring session

Course Outline

This compact course on Azure solutions is certainly innovative to guide trainees to have mastery over Azure management, configuration, and virtual machine operating. This training program sharpens your knowledge in creation of the prototype of hybrid cloud, measurement of throughput and data access infrastructure. It also helps trainees to optimize web apps with the support of PaaS. The integrated advanced Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (Exam AZ-300) optimizes  Azure Cognitive services solutions. Join the online workshops and seminars to continue learning about Azure.


·         After completion of the course, trainees will be able to manage Azure subscriptions

·         Have efficiency to configure, deploy, and deal with virtual machines and networks

·         Evaluate server migration to Azure

·         Implement and take care of advanced virtual networking and application services

·         Be able to compute and have good familiarity with storage solutions

·         Have proficiency in hybrid networking

·         Assess throughput and structure of data access

·         Create a number of new web applications using PaaS

·         Use Azure Kubernetes Service with a view to track health

·         Have good understanding about the distributed transactions

·         Have innovative ideas about asynchronous processing and auto-scaling

·         Have good command over Azure Cognitive Services solutions





Course Details

·         Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources

·         Implementing and Managing Storage

·         Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines (VMs)

·         Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks

·         Implementing Workloads and Security

·         Creating and Deploying Apps

·         Managing Identities

Exam Pattern

This Microsoft Azure Architect course program is accredited. So, the certificates given to successful candidates are genuine.  Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (Exam AZ-300) exam lasts for 150 minutes. This examination tests the technical knowledge of trainees in Azure.  There are  40 to 60 multiple questions based on Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies.  There is no negative marking against the wrong answer. So students are happy to complete answer papers. Students have to get minimum 700 points out of 1000.  Microsoft gives a new online scaled scoring parameter to use.  Finally, there is no extra exam fee which is included in the course fee.  Non-English  speakers have to select the favorite language from the list to give answers.  The exam  papers are available in multiple languages like English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German,  and Japanese.

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