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PMP Certified in 2021 | PMP Certification | PMP Certified Professionals

Why get PMP Certified in 2021?

Why get PMP Certified in 2021?


Survey shows that project managers with PMP credential can easily earn 20% to 25% more than non-credentialed professionals. There are many who still wonder, whether it is possible to earn more just by having one extra certification. Your doubts are true, and you may be very well wondering if PMP certification is worth it in 2021. There are several good reasons for getting PMP certifications like beneficial in job listings, professional satisfaction, suitability for managing bigger projects, and lot more. Well if we start talking about the PMP certification benefits then it may not end, but in recent years there have been rise in the demand of PMP certified professionals. Especially, in 2021, the requirement is expected to grow more, as the new version of the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam has been launched on 2 January 2021.

Last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PMI has postponed the exam change until January 2021. Consequently, it provided the PMP aspirants with the extra time required for accessing training resources and at the same time getting prepared for the exam. However, this year, there have been few important changes made and any aspirants looking to get PMP certification must know and try to get certified in 2021.

Scope of Exam

As PMP certification facilitates you with global recognition, the fresh and new PMP exam pattern that is effective from January 2, 2021, is now based upon three domains and concentrates on Process, People, and Business Environment in comparison to old pattern covering domains i.e. Initiating, Planning, Execution, Supervision & Controlling, and Closing.

Exam Questions from Agile and Hybrid Methodologies

Managing any project has got its own set of challenges, and so the new PMP exam pattern is focusing approx 50% of questions from Agile and Hybrid methodologies. In 2021 the new PMP exam is emphasizing Agile and Hybrid methodologies, and thus it is pointless to say that the latest certification has got a high perceived value.

In the past few years, lot more projects have been announced but as different verticals are involved in managing a project, and so now many organizations expect well trained PMP certified professionals.  After Corona, as the economy is getting back on track, and company is started to hire new professionals, if you get PMP certified in 2021 then it can benefit in the following areas:

Allows you to boost up your Skills

Having PMP training enables you to get familiar with different aspects of project management, which includes beginning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closing.

Adds to Your Marketability in Competitive World

Now, most of the companies have made it mandatory to have a PMP certification, which means one may not be able to apply for some positions without this credential. Industries like pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and finance now have started to give high preference for PMP-certified professionals as these roles need severe observance to defined processes for the completion of many projects.

Allows you to Keep up with Industry Trends

The field of project management goes through many changes year after year, and in the year 2021 lot of changes has occurred in terms of techniques, tools, practices, addition to technologies. PMI is a very competent authority that meticulously updates itself with fast-changing trends in industries. As you get trained from experts, the course content is generally based on the latest trends and demands and so once you complete it, you gain all the in-demand skills the industry might lookup.

Today the average salary any PMP certified professional receives majorly depends on many factors and also varies in different industries, along with the size of the project. No doubt, that now PMP certification is well recognized across the world and research show that professional with PMP certification be apt to profit more from it.


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