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Everything you need to know about AWS Amazon Web Services - AabianceTechnology

Everything you need to know about AWS Amazon Web Services

In general, AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and it is the name given to cloud computing amenities, which is offered by the Amazon group. AWS training is a solutions-based program and must know if you are one who is very much interested in developing skills in cloud computing. The key highlight of the AWS training program is that you get to receive high-quality training from the industry experts.

The rise in the demand for AWS trained professionals

Now every next company is moving to the cloud. Days are gone when most the companies used to install servers and even spend a decent amount of their monthly budget in regular maintenance of servers. Besides this, security was always a big concern, but after an introduction of cloud computing, a lot has changed in the industry. In cloud computing, the server is present at a remote location, and now AWS is among the best clouds in the market.

Key learning during AWS training

As an aspirant in AWS, you get to learn different skills. You get exposed to the significant functionalities of core AWS services, crucial concepts, security and architecture patterns. You get aware of the best practices in AWS, and this further helps you in its practical usage during real-world scenarios. You will be able to leverage expertise gained via training which is majorly involved in advanced cloud-based solutions. Other vital technical skills that you learn by completing the AWS training course are:

•    Formulate the much-required plans based upon AWS architectural best practices

•    Draft and set up scalable systems on AWS

•    Decode the access and way out of data, to and from AWS

•    Make the right estimation of AWS costs and also spot cost control means

Benefits of AWS Certification

As more businesses are moving traditionally in-house services to the cloud, and acquire benefits like cheap costs and amplified efficiency, personnel with skills in offering cloud computing solutions and certifications especially those from AWS are enjoying a wide range of job opportunities. Today, by becoming AWS certified you get various benefits, like you: 

•    Validate your knowledge in the top cloud computing platform.

•    Get yourself counted among the top paying info-tech certifications worldwide.

•    Can get more interviews and apply as cloud specialists, and gain higher wages if hired.

•    Attain industry-wide recognition as reliable tech credentials.

•    Get the chance to have access to a vast network of AWS thought-leaders.

AWS Certifications List

Amazon Web Service's core certifications generally cover three prime knowledge areas, which are: architecture, development, and operations, and has been categorized in 2 skill levels - associate and professional. Moreover, you must also remember that AWS facilitates speciality certifications in targeted IT domains, like networking, analytics, application services, deployment and developer tools and big data.

Career Prospects after AWS Certification

Undoubtedly, AWS certification is going to add more significance to your technical understanding while working with AWS principles. As per the industry experts, the AWS market is anticipated to reach $236B by 2020. As an AWS Solutions Architect Certified professional, you will be required for resolving operational concerns, and at the same time would be responsible for executing new software for any deployment and troubleshooting of cloud solutions. After gaining AWS training, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Developer, DevOps Engineer or AWS Solutions Architect are the most lucrative career opportunities that you can look forward.

Nowadays, various institutes are providing AWS training, so make sure you get enrolled for the most challenging yet demanding talent in the world. AWS certification will give your career a new height.  

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